Cross Roads Baptist Church
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Toy Store



Here’s how it will work:

Families will apply for participation in the Toy Store. The families will come to the FLC at their appointed time (without children). They will shop along with a “shopping buddy” who will assist them and engage them throughout their time. When they are all done, they will pay 10 cents on the dollar for their purchase. All proceeds will go toward the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. The guests will then move to the wrapping station to have all their toys wrapped by one of our team members. During this time the guest will sit down with their shopping buddy who will seek to share the gospel, assess further opportunities for ministry, and pray with their guest.


You can serve in the following ways:

        Bring new, unwrapped toys with the price clearly marked. A list of suggested toys will be available at the entrances and online by July 28th.

        Donate financially for the purchase of toys

        Serve as a “shopping buddy”

        Serve in the gift wrapping station

        Help with set-up and clean-up

        Serve as a cashier

        Be a prayer partner


Gift Wish List


·       Bikes, Tricycles, Scooters

·       Helmets & pads

·       Video games & accessories

·       Bibles/Christian books

·       DVDs/movies

·       Winter coats/jackets (no clothing items please)

·       Toiletry items

·       Board games/puzzles


·       Sorting, nesting, & stacking toys

·       Hard/board books

·       Sit, pull-up or walking toys

·       Sturdy cars or trucks

·       Learning/activity tables

·       Bath toys

·       Educational toys

·       Saturday dolls

·       Push/pull/musical toys


·       Educational toys

·       Pounding or shape toys

·       Pedal/push ride-on toys

·       Role play toys (kitchen sets, dress-up costumes, workshop, lawn toys)

·       Dolls & doll accessories

·       Action/super hero figures

·       Animal figures & play sets

·       Building blocks & construction sets

·       TV/movie character toys (Sesame Street, Disney, cartoon toys)

·       Electronic games & toys



·       Fashion dolls & sets

·       Dress-up/cosmetic kits & dramatic play sets (doctor, school, grocery, police/fire, etc)

·       Science kits

·       Art/craft kits

·       Lego Sets

·       Hair accessories

·       Hand-held/portable electronic games

·       E-readers

·       Arts/crafts supplies, kits

·       Action/super hero figures

·       Building blocks/construction sets

·       Battery operated cars & trucks

·       Nerf toys

·       Sporting goods

·       Books


·       Headphones

·       Phone accessories

·       Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, baseballs & equipment

·       Make-up kits

·       Art/Craft kits

·       Bath & Body Works lotions, perfumes, soaps

·       Earrings

·       Hair fryers, straighteners, curling irons

·       Portable hammock

·       Micro speakers

·       Charging stations

·       Fiction books (Christian)

·       Wallets/purses