Cross Roads Baptist Church
Saturday, April 21, 2018

"FREE" Debt Reduction Campaign

The Vision

For over 200 years Cross Roads Baptist Church has had a tremendous impact throughout the world. God has blessed us by His grace far beyond our imaginations. In 2013, we adopted a purpose statement that says we exist to “Connect People to God, His Church, Ministry and the World.” Our facilities have enabled us to pursue that purpose to all ages. In November of 2013, we completed a renovation of the Family Life Center giving us the opportunity for an even greater impact on our community.

It is the vision of Cross Roads to utilize the Family Life Center for fellowship, recreation, and special events which serve to reach people of all ages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every week there are children, youth, and adults who are touched through our FLC.

The Facts

Since the completion of the renovation, the monthly payments on the loan have been paid from the generous pledge giving of our members. As of October 1, 2015 the balance of the renovation loan was $286,493.23. Monthly payments are $4,227.12.The initial loan will mature in 2018 at which time the remaining balance will be refinanced. Interest rates at that time could be higher or lower.

The Biblical Basis

Debt is bondage whether it is in your family or in your church. Proverbs 22:7 says, “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower becomes the lender’s slave.” Hebrews 12:1 tells us to “lay aside every encumbrance... which so easily entangles us.” God’s desire for our church and for your family is freedom from the slavery of debt. We are bound by the chains of this debt and restricted in what we can accomplish in our community and around the world as long as it is over us. Our debt prevents us from pursuing other needs such as new church vehicles, maintenance, improvements to our facilities, new ministries that are needed, mission endeavors, and much more.

The Plan

Financially strong families build financially strong churches. It is not our desire to just collect money to pay off debt, but to build a stronger financial foundation for our church’s future. Our financial decisions today will enable us to ensure that our children and grandchildren are given a godly example of biblical stewardship for their future and the freedom to love, serve, and give for many years to come.

The “FREE campaign involves several intentional aspects:

1. Re-allocate budget dollars to reduce principle. In the May, 2015 business meeting, the church unanimously voted to take money from the Building Fund restricted account along with one third of the budget reserve fund and apply it to the principle of the loan. This step has been completed and allowed us to send over $68,000.00 to reduce the principle.

2. Transfer money each month from the Building Fund account into the Building Fund restricted account and apply that amount to the principle every six months. This results in an extra principle payment of $15,000.00/year.

3. Provide our new church members an opportunity to participate and our established members to recommit to giving toward the FLC renovation through pledge offerings. The goal is $5,000.00/month which will enable us to make our regular payments plus two additional payments to the principle each year.

4. Realizing that the strength of our church is directly related to the strength of our families, we will provide financial management education to our church members through biblical teaching. A seven week study, “Managing Our Finances God’s Way” by Crown Financial Ministries, will be taught on Sundays beginning October 4th during the evening worship services.

5. Since biblical financial management involves planning for the future, we will offer an estate planning seminar to educate our church members on developing an estate plan as well as how they can include Cross Roads in that plan.

6. Prayer is the key to unleashing God’s best for His church. We will pray for God’s wisdom and leadership as we move forward in fulfilling His purpose and plans for Cross Roads Baptist Church.

Pledging to the FREE Campaign

A pledge is a plan for giving that will be used by the Finance Committee in financial planning for our church and by the Debt Reduction Team over the next few years. Pledge cards are available for each family or individual who wishes to participate. Your pledge will be added to your financial profile on our church database which will continue to be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Names will not be included on any reports made available to our committees.

On your pledge card you will choose one of the following options for giving:

  • Weekly amount of ___________
  • Monthly amount of __________
  • Annual amount of ___________
  • One time amount of _________

You will also need to indicate the duration of your pledge.

Everyone Can Participate

·         Pray for the ministry of Cross Roads

·         Participate in the educational opportunities provided

·         Talk to your family about debt – your own and your church’s

·         Share your enthusiasm with other church members

·         Follow God’s lead as you consider a pledge, a one-time gift, and estate planning

Prepared by the Debt Reduction Team of Cross Roads Baptist Church