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Monday, May 25, 2020
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OT Bible Reading

 HOW IT WORKS: You click on the book you want to read listed below which will take you to the chapters in that book. Then click on the chapter you want to read. These are in the NASB version. They are linked to Bible Gateway & you can listen to the audio as you read if you click on the 6th icon from the left - right above the chapter you are reading. Also, if you click on the 7th icon you can read a commentary. The audio Bible is available through a Flash audio player. Flash is automatically installed in many web browsers, but if you need to install it manually, it can be found at the Flash website. Our thanks to Stan & Jan Bright for letting us know about Bible Gateway.
Genesis  Exodus Leviticus   Numbers  Deuteronomy
 Joshua  Judges  Ruth  1 Samuel  2 Samuel
 1 Kings  2 Kings 1 Chronicles  2 Chronicles  Ezra
 Nehemiah  Esther  Job  Psalms  Proverbs
 Ecclesiastes  Song of Solomon  Isaiah  Jeremiah  Lamentations
 Ezekiel  Daniel  Hosea  Joel  Amos
 Obadiah Jonah  Micah   Nahum  Habakkuk
 Zephaniah Haggai  Zechariah  Malachi